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My Fee Policy

Quite simply, my policy is to be open and transparent about the fees that I charge. I give my clients the best information possible about the likely overall cost, both at the beginning and as the matter progresses.

Settlement Agreement for Employers
If you are an employee, please click on Settlement Agreement for my fee policy for this type of work.
If you are an employer, please click on
 Settlement Agreement for Employers.

Contract of Employment Service for Employers
Please click on Contracts for my fee policy for this type of work.

General Employment Advice - Introductory Rate
For new clients, on application only, I offer an initial meeting of up to one hour charged at £100.00 plus VAT. In the event that I spend any further time on the client's matter, then my standard charge out rate detailed below is charged for all further time.

Standard Charge Out Rate
My standard charge out rate is £210 per hour, plus VAT and any disbursements. Time is recorded in 6 minute units. This rate may increase from time to time following review, but my clients will be notified of any increase a reasonable time in advance. My clients may choose to set an upper limit on the costs that I can incur before obtaining their written authority to exceed them.

Fixed Fees
Fixed fees are available for some non-litigation matters for those clients who want certainty about my fees. For example, if a client wishes me to draw up a contract of employment or a Settlement Agreement, the service can be provided on the basis of my agreeing a fixed fee at the beginning with the client.

Terms of Business
Please do not hesitate to contact me for a copy of my Terms of Business, Complaints Handling Policy and Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy.


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